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ORION: A Sci-Fi Visual Novel (KICKSTARTER)

Sam is afraid. And why wouldn’t he be? He’s just been told that his home, Section 6 of the Orion Torus, is going to be destroyed within days. Encoded messages like this have been sent to people all across the ship by members of the underground dissidents; could this just be a ploy to rain instability on government control? Or is there a deeper meaning behind this information? In the back of his mind, one fact repeats itself: this message was given to him and only him… 

But why?

Play the demo and get involved— visit our Kickstarter Page today!

Friendly reminder to spread the word and help make this project happen!

The story is original, the content is gorgeous, and the work is so well worth helping this project come to life!

It’s sad to say, but if we do not getting successfully funded by the end of 9 days, this game will not happen. A game like this requires backing to be made, so the creation of the full game comes straight from backing this kickstarter. As a fellow Visual Novel creator and lover as well as being one of the big advocates for this project, I will be very heartbroken to see this story not happen.

Reuben showed the concept to me when he joined Voiceiyuu and I was so in love with it. The concept itself was so adapting and well-rounded, it had to become a VN. So I, along with multiple others, convinced Reuben to make Orion a Visual Novel and now, we stand here with the beautifully done demo of a terrific story that only Reuben Lack could have thought up.

Please help us make this visual novel a reality by reblogging and signal boosting this if you can’t donate anything. Tell your friends, family, fandoms, everyone! Do whatever you can if you would like to help make this happen. The cast, the crew, and the developers would be so incredibly grateful to you for any help you give. Even if it’s donating the smallest amounts or spreading the word, everything you can do helps us make this game happen.

The Kickstarter is still going and we need your help! Please if anything, please spread it around. We’ll love you forever. ;w;

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